Transforming Bodies through Bodywork, Nutritional Therapy & Bioresonance

one step at a time


My vision is to empower others to live in wellness. I work with individuals to create a personal protocol that inspires their body to naturally heal from within and remain healthy and pain free. I incorporate all of my practices together with each client, and with my experience and their input, we create a bespoke program that focuses on caring for the body and mind both inside and out, that fits into their lifestyle.

The Tailored Wellness BNB™ method

The BNB™ method assists individuals to take control of their wellness and live well. The BNB™ method has three key components: transformational Bodywork, Nutritional therapy and Bioresonance.

The BNB™ method works through moving the body physically while you nourish it from within. Bioresonance Is derived from quantum physics and it uses vibrational energy to help the body self-regulate and ultimately heal. BNB™ reinvigorates the body’s natural intelligence to overcome health issues to bring it to a place of healing, which allows you to re-discover the joy of movement and reconnect with your body and achieve your optimum health.

My exploration over 40 years of sports science and well-being, and health and fitness achievements, enables me to select specific techniques from an extensive array of healing modalities that best suit an individual client’s needs. I systematically tailor each aspect of my clients’ wellness programs through my unique BNB™ process.


I have been coming to Ingrida regularly for over 7 years. It has transformed my well-being, flexibility and core strength. Ingrida is unique as she truly does tailor every session to the specific needs and condition of each client. I totally recommend to anyone to commit to a regular programme with Ingrida. 

Van J. Stults, Managing Director- Orion Capital Managers

My first introduction to Ingrida was 10 years ago when I first walked into her studio for an assessment. I was in so much pain with inflammation in every joint, and a total wreck which she immediately picked up on without even testing my flexibility. Her ability to just look at someone and intuitively know what’s out of sync and alignment is a true gift.

My work involves a lot of travel to conflict zones which is not only taxing physically and mentally but also emotionally and this is where Ingrida with her extensive experience and background in bodywork and wellbeing has been my ‘rock and saviour.’

Through her valued guidance, mentoring and supervision, my body and state of mind was able to heal, and within months I could not only feel the difference, but also see how my posture had changed dramatically. My body is an addict to her hands on sessions, which leaves you literally walking on air, whether it be Yamuna, Gyrotonic to elongate and correct posture, or one of her amazing Ayurvedic massages to harmonise and balance, to Bioresonance for medical concerns, you will feel immediate relief, as Ingrida has a redeeming quality about her when it comes to addressing your health.

Ingrida’s knowledge and confidence in her multifaceted approaches to healing and wellbeing has been over the years, and continues today, to be my go to person, as she is only one I have come to trust with maintaining my peak of health.