Yamuna® Body Rolling

The body has its own intelligence, an inner memory of what it is to be ”right“ The body wants to correct itself, to let go of unproductive patterns of movement and posture, and it’s it has an innate ability to do this. If you give the body information regarding possibilities for efficient and effortless use in rest and in movement, the body takes that information and uses it for self- healing. 

Yamuna Body Rolling a key focus is to help clients become kinaesthetically aware of how he or she can create great movement technics in his own body. Yamuna body Rolling will develop a deeper and more subtle relationship with your own bodies. 

Yamuna Body Rolling is a unique self-therapeutic fitness practice for healing, wellness and sustainability. YBR uses specialised Yamuna® Body Rolling different sized balls to lengthen and tone the muscles, improving bone density and giving the body increased muscle tone and flexibility. 

Intelligent sequences have been designed to systematically de-compress the whole body, educating each muscle from its origin (point where muscle begins) to its insertion (point where muscle ends). 

The ball becomes the hands of the therapist and your own weight creates the traction, release and movement on the ball. You learn to roll out each part of the body with the appropriate ball wherever you have muscle connecting one place to another there is a path to follow, for example from the buttocks to the calf, from the tailbone to the skull, from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint and so on. 

The use of mild traction allows muscles and fascia to elongate and unwind, helping to avoid breakdown and injury by allowing your body to be healthy and to move with freedom. Space is created around the joints by lengthening the muscles, creating optimum space throughout the body to restore a full range of motion through all of the joints. 

On a holistic level, Yamuna works to release toxicity and emotional build up allowing healing of both the mind and body in one practice.

Body rolling is a complimentary health system, which perfectly compliments dance, pilates, yoga and athletics empowering us to maintain our own body structures, thus healing and preventing pain, illness and injury. The system teaches us to reorganise and improve our own anatomy. It is a powerful and profound self-fixing and maintaining tool that everyone can do regardless of age or physical limitations. 

Fundamentally, the system enables us to:

maintain our bodies, preventing injuries, and keeping the body moving freely and without restriction at every age
improve circulation and organ function
keep nerve roots of the spine activated and metabolically strong
keep the bone healthy and young to maintain the general health and well being of the body. 

Using different sized balls balls created by Yamuna, you will be lead through routines taking you through the entire body:

elongating muscles
releasing the spine
improving alignment
deepening the breathing
increasing relaxation response
developing and maintaining core strength
Toning and elongating muscles increasing body awareness 

The effects are instant and you will experience remarkable changes in your body after just one session; similar, but better than any deep massage, Body rolling is the ideal compliment to the other fitness systems practice, enabling you to deepen your practice, open up restricted areas, create space and develop an intuitive understanding of your own anatomy.

Suitable for all levels, this is a classes definitely not to be missed.