Bioresonance & Nutritional Protocal 6-Weeks

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Designed for clients who complete the initial assessment packages for Bioresonance and Nutrition. These further personal support sessions help ensure your healing continues with nutritional support that will super charge your body and speed up the healing process initiated through Bioresonance. Using both protocols together gives you a boost along your healing journey. Results will be faster and the 6 weeks of nutritional tuning and tweaking means your personal protocol will evolve right along with you as you acquire healthy habits. It also means that you will have someone to keep you accountable and to ensure that you can manage your program within your lifestyle as it changes on a week-by-week basis. This will give you enough time to create lasting lifestyle and eating habits that will support you for good.

Six Week Package includes:

Heal for Good Combination Bioresonance follow-on harmonising & Nutrition Cleanse Heal Create™ follow-on support for £1390.

  • 6 x 75 minutes Bioresonance
    • 60 minutes of harmonising time
    • Testing time to update your programme weekly
  • 6 X 20 minutes nutritional consultation
  • Weekly recipes to aide your healing
  • One refreshment drink following your Bioresonance treatment to aid cleansing

  • *Pricing reflects therapist’s time for weekly update of your protocols – post session.