Tailored Wellness Transformational Bodywork


Guiding Your Body to Transformation 

I teach my clients to achieve body transformation both internally and externally. First, I work out a plan, together with each individual to identify their wellness aims, address any physical concerns and outline a path to their desired results. I further support these goals with another key component in well-being - nutrition. As well as moving the body, it is essential to nourish it from within. This integrative approach ensures we can use your body’s intelligence to its best advantage to ultimately guide and transform you into your best you.

My multi-practitioner experience enables me to quickly assess each client and to ascertain what specific movements, stretches and exercises he or she might most benefit from to obtain fast and lasting results. Whether the goal is weight loss, increased fitness or flexibility, easing of pain or body realignment, I design a bespoke program focused on results to ensure you effectively achieve your goal.

The environment in my studio in South Kensington is quiet and introspective - a sanctuary of calm, in contrast to the usual gym experience. Each session is private and all of my attention is focused on you. There are no other clients in the space and no distractions.

I believe in a hands-on approach to guide and assist the client to find effective positioning to get the most out of each movement practice. I have considerable experience working with clients who have suffered with chronic pain, and I have developed effective techniques to release pressure and aches; frequently reducing and ultimately eliminating the initial problem. I also engage in significant healing work on a personal level and many clients tell me they feel a beneficial energy shift and healing when working with me.

Together, we will draw from the practices of Pilates, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, Kinesis, Yamuna Body Rolling, Usui Reiki, Ayurveda, Chi Nei Tsang, Universal Healing, Bioresonance, Nutrition and Naturopathic Nutrition to find the movements, exercises and regime best suited to you.


Tailored Wellness Total™ Multi-Modality Total Body Assessment

(includes full body assessment, consultation and personalised lesson)

Total body consultation includes posture alignment analysis to create an individual, tailor-made therapeutic exercise program using PilatesGYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Yamuna® Body Rolling techniques.

  • A 15-minute consultation will take place prior to your private studio session to discuss aims, lifestyle, current activity, exercise and medical history.
  • Analysis of postural alignment will provide insight into causes of issues including restricted movement, muscle pain and stiffness. In cases where there is a loss of flexibility or function following an injury or where there is a history of chronic pain or ongoing back, shoulder, hip, or pain in any area containing soft tissue, myofascial analysis can reveal particular patterns which affect the musculoskeletal system and cause postural imbalances.
  • Once these patterns have been identified during the consultation and assessment, an individual tailor-made exercise program across all suitable modalities will be implemented to help correct alignment and postural issues, allowing for facilitated movement and improved physical performance.